Groom Artist

Groom Artist

Apply before: 2019-10-01
Type: Full Time
Grooming Artist
Job Summary

Groom Artists works with the CFX Supervisors and Leads to create and execute the Director’s vision of fur and fur simulation on the production.


• Develop and maintain all department documentation of current pipeline and techniques
• Procedurally groom hair and fur using XGen.
• Prepares the approved groom for animation rigging.
• Prepares the approved groom for simulation, including and not limited to creating the fur simulation rig for the asset.
• Run realistic and stylized fur simulations in a production environment
• Rendering and QC of fur elements


• Strong understanding of current grooming systems and techniques.
• Intermediate understanding with xGen or other grooming packages.
• Intermediate to advanced understanding of general grooming toolsets and is able to troubleshoot.
• 3 years of experience in film/animation/vfx
• Degree/diploma in fine arts/computer science or equivalent experience
• Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of Maya
• Knowledge of mel, python, or other scripting language is a plus.
• Able to multitask and prioritize
• Able to work in a team based structure
• Able to follow directions well
• Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas.
• Able to take constructive feedback from cfx leads and cfx supervisor.
• Able to work independently on shots with little guidance
• Able to work independently and advance towards asset/shot approval with minimal daily supervision
• Demo reel demonstrating abilities with shot breakdown

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This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

Please note that Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents will be considered in priority.

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